About this site

Welcome on my mechanically driven website where I test modern web technologies.

Anatomy of the website

The website uses the standards HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript and HTML Canvas animations.

It is built on the JAMstack architecture with a decoupled CMS. At the frontend the website only consists of statically generated HTML files.
At the backend it runs on the CMS platform Drupal
To study and follow the most popular CMS, I also created a WordPress version of this website.

To make it possible to study and use all these different technologies with the same content, I created this web stack.

JAMstack GuntherWillems.com schema

I have 2 backend content sources (Drupal & markdown files) that I can sync with a self-written custom module (PHP/Drupal API) in Drupal. The markdown files have metadata in a YAML front matter block.

With 2 static site generators (SSG) that I have written in PHP, I can generate the static HTML files from these 2 sources. Editing is possible within Drupal or with a self-written program that uses a JavaScript editor to modify the markdown files.

Because in HTML5 the emphasis is on semantics , I opted to create a minimalistic responsive website.


Cog symbol The rotating cog animations are created with the HTML5 2D canvas element and JavaScript. For a fluid animation 2 canvas elements are used. One to pre-render the next frame and one to show the last completed frame. Slower devices are detected and the refresh rate is adapted accordingly. Everything is drawn with vector paths (B├ęzier curves) in real time. This shows the power of the canvas API and the current web browsers.

My website over the years

It evolved as new standards became important. From HTML to HTML 4 to XHTML 1 Strict with CSS 1.0 to HTML5 with CSS 3. It changed from a layout with tables to a flexible 'liquid layout' to a mobile-first & responsive design in Drupal 8 and WordPress. Afterwards I implemented the JAMstack architecture.
Two pages from the 2007 version can be seen here. The about link is working.


site in 2001 indexsite in 2001


site in 2007 indexsite in 2007


site in 2013 indexsite in 2013