Calculate descend rate

Calculate descend rate

An Excel spreadsheet to calculate the descend rate, time, angle and length when approaching an airport for landing.

When on an instrument landing (ILS/VOR/NDB) to an airport using the official airport approach plates:

Input values from the approach plate:

  • Start height (highest point)
  • End height (lowest point)
  • The distance between these 2 points

And the average speed between these 2 points

The spreadsheet will calculate:

  • descend time
  • descend rate
  • descend angle
  • descend length

As an example, a part of the approach plate from the airport KALAELOA - JOHN RODGERS FIELD (PHJR), approach VOR/DME 04R

part approach plate airfield KSFF

part approach plate airfield KSFF


Input values for the green part:

  • highest point: 3000 ft
  • lowest point: 1700 ft
  • distance: 9 nm

Input values for the yellow part:

  • highest point: 1700 ft
  • lowest point = runway elevation : 30 ft
  • distance: 3.5 nm

Link to the Excel spreadsheet DescendRate.xlsx