Kakuro number combinations

Kakuro number combinations

On this page you can find documents to help solve
Kakuro, Killer sudoku and Killer sudoku product puzzles.

Kakuro puzzles


Like sudoku, kakuro is a crossword puzzle using numbers.

The rules

  • Fill in the squares using the numbers 1 to 9.
  • Do not repeat a number in consecutive boxes.
  • The total of each consecutive box must be equal to the number attached to that row or column.

To help solving these puzzles, I made a .pdf document containing all possible combinations. It can be downloaded from here: download pdf file 1 Version 1.3

The second document contains only the combinations with one solution (taken from the document above). It also contains the numbers that never occur for a given total. It can be downloaded from here: download pdf file 2

A very good web page containing a database of kakuro puzzles classified by difficulty: http://www.menneske.no/kakuro/eng/

Killer sudoku

Killer sudoku

The sudoku rules

  • It is played on a 9x9 grid, divided into 3x3 sub grids (=regions)
  • Fill in each cell with a number from 1 to 9
  • A row contains each digit only once
  • A column contains each digit only once
  • A sub grid (region) contains each digit only once

A normal sudoku puzzle has only one solution. It can be solved by using logic only.

The supplemental killer sudoku rules:

  • The sum of the cells in a cage (synonym nonet) must equal the total given.
  • Each digit in the cage must be unique.

The 2 documents for kakuro can also be used for solving 'killer sudoku' puzzles. These puzzles combine elements of sudoku and kakuro. The puzzles are more difficult. Only groups with totals are given. For these puzzles the second document is more important when starting a new puzzle because most of the time you begin with empty cells.

All possible combinations for a give total: download pdf file 1, download pdf file 2

A site containing online 'killer sudokus' can be found here:

For solving techniques and useful links:

Killer sudoku - product

This is a variant of the Killer Sudoku puzzle. The same rules apply except:

  • The product of the cells in a cage (synonym nonet) must equal the total given.

The puzzle is also known under the following name: Killer special

This document contains all the possible combinations with the product: download pdf file 3. It is a must have for solving it.