JavaScript code to underline text with the library jsPDF.

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A summary explaining the JAMstack architecture with a schema. Showing concepts like headless/decoupled CMS, static site generators, markup, markdown, ...

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By creating my website in Drupal 8 and WordPress 5, I got a good overview of the differences between these 2 CMS platforms.

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An overview of the basic and extended CSS color keywords sorted by color and lightness.

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A JavaScript program to dynamically show the inner size of the web browser window in pixels (px) and em to determine where to use breakpoints for media queries in CSS.

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Excel spreadsheet and description to calculate the descend rate, time, angle and length to an airport.

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I have written a program in .NET framework 4.5 to encode and decode a binary or text file to and from base64. To make the conversion I use the methods ToBase64String and FromBase64String from the System.IO Namespace.

The compiled file: (You will need .NET framework 4.5 to run it).
The source file: base64.cs

Syntax: base64 [-e / -d / -encode / -decode] <input file> <output file>

base64 -encode test.bin test.b64
base64 -decode test.b64 test.bin


A summary of HTML 5 (& CSS3)


This site was originally created in XHTML and CSS 1. I converted it to HTML 5 and CSS 3 and gave it a new layout. See about this site for more information. I also created a summary of the changes in HTML5: about HTML5.


How can you start a program and elevate it as administrator from command-line without a confirmation by the user with partially disabling UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 8 / 10?

In this article I explain it and give a self-written program with the source file.

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With this Javascript code you can dynamically create a debug window in an HTML page and add text to it.

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Version 1.0 of the ClusterGallery is online.

The ClusterGallery is a photo gallery for web browsers using the HTML5 Canvas element. It supports 'Border clustering' on the inside and outside of the images.